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In tutorials on 16 May, 2009 at 10:40 am

whoda thunk it, but the cravat has come back into fashion.   i think they were in fashion when my dad was a young man, and as i’m 32, this was possibly quite a long time ago.  before that, there was the scarlet pimpernel, and i’m sure adam ant wore one once.  no fear, the fluff and dandy look is not welcome in my studio.

i first started searching for a pattern when the dad of the first paragraph requested one for his 75th birthday.

i’ve taken distinctly african fabrics, from traditional shweshwe, to dutch wax prints,  and lined them with silk, to create a luxurious african look and feel.

finding a pattern for cravats is something of a trial, as any search on the internet for such will tell you.  i finally found one from joanne greathead, which i’ve modified slightly based on cravats borrowed from peoples’ dads; thanks peoples.

so, this is the result.  i’ll put a tut up in the next week on how to make them, it’s dead easy, and so rewarding.  if you’re interested in buying any of these, find them me on etsy.


red lipstick that rocks the mostest

In tutorials on 16 May, 2009 at 10:03 am

i’ve always been a fan of red lipstiffie (lipstick in afrikaans), as is evident by the red lip marks on all my friends whenever i wear it.  it happens to children too.  about a year ago, i embarked on a search for the perfect shade and make, so this required some patience; i don’t like lipstick that you have to use turpentine to remove all trace of, and if the shade is wrong, well, it’s just wrong, and with red lipstick, you’re not exactly being a wall flower.

for the shade, a local magazine, real simple, ran an article on how to choose the right shade, taking into account hair and eye colour, and skin tone.  fantastic article, made complete sense, and helped me no end.

for the make, i have always been partial to mac cosmetics for their innovation and guts with regards to colour and products.  also, i really like the fact that they’re keen on recycling.  i was helped to find mac matte russian red, which i now swear by, and attempt not to leave the house without.  check out their site for helpful hints on how to apply red lipstiffie, cos let’s face it, if you put it on in the back of a moving car, you’re not doing it, or yourself, any justice.

brave new world with jz in it

In tutorials on 16 May, 2009 at 8:12 am

hello everyone.

i have officially left my luddite tendencies at the door, and am now immersing myself in a techno world.  thank you to all my friends who will not laugh at me when i ask stupid questions.

the purpose of this blog is to tell everyone about the beautiful clothes that i make for beautiful people.  i believe that women are human, not stick insects.  i believe that they have hips, boobs, tummies and sometimes even thighs.  i also believe that there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have sexy, kick-ass clothes as well as everyone else.  afterall, we have cleavage, and probably the best shoe collections out there.  now, we just need something to wear with them.

i’m taking my inspiration from the late 40s and 50s, christian dior’s new look.  it was all about the feminine, looking fantastic no matter what, and a great red lipstick.  granted, it was also all about tiny waists, but where would be we be without innovation?

please let me know if you have any suggestions, drop me a line, keep in touch