In tutorials on 16 May, 2009 at 10:40 am

whoda thunk it, but the cravat has come back into fashion.   i think they were in fashion when my dad was a young man, and as i’m 32, this was possibly quite a long time ago.  before that, there was the scarlet pimpernel, and i’m sure adam ant wore one once.  no fear, the fluff and dandy look is not welcome in my studio.

i first started searching for a pattern when the dad of the first paragraph requested one for his 75th birthday.

i’ve taken distinctly african fabrics, from traditional shweshwe, to dutch wax prints,  and lined them with silk, to create a luxurious african look and feel.

finding a pattern for cravats is something of a trial, as any search on the internet for such will tell you.  i finally found one from joanne greathead, which i’ve modified slightly based on cravats borrowed from peoples’ dads; thanks peoples.

so, this is the result.  i’ll put a tut up in the next week on how to make them, it’s dead easy, and so rewarding.  if you’re interested in buying any of these, find them me on etsy.

  1. Can’t wait for the tutorial – though I’ll still buy yours ’cause they’re the most beautiful!

  2. love the new blog – love also the cravats – would like to try one on. i have an old one hanging around somewhere, will dig it out and hand it over to the cravat queen. goodluck lovely janetheclerk

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