New Skirts

In clothing on 5 July, 2009 at 10:14 pm

I’ve been making these skirts in preparation for our debut at I Heart Market (info available on facebook).  I cribbed the idea from a skirt i saw at the Victoria & Albert museum in London.  This museum continues to astound me, every time I go.

The idea behind the skirt is to fake a slimmer line, or a shape that conforms more to the female form, by including a front panel that starts where the front darts normally would, and follows the female form.  It’s a trick of the eye, but the skirts are remarkably slimming.  From the side, you only see to the end of the denim, and from the front, you only see to the outside of the front panel.  This works particularly well when you use a slightly lighter shade material in the front panel, to the outer panels.

These skirts are made with Da Gama ShweShwe skirt panels and denim, so is 100% cotton.  They look fantastic with a pair of boots and chunky stockings in winter, and equally good with a t-shirt and sandals in summer.  I’ll be uploading them to the etsy site soon.


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