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alice or jackie?

In 14+, 50s clothing, clothing, dresses on 14 April, 2010 at 1:14 am

i have finally gotten the a-line pattern right, and it’s a wonderful dress – flattering while covering all the lumps and bumps, of which i seem to have a lot lately.  the deep neckline gives the eyes something to look at, while the lack of waist darts gives room to have a big tummy day.  the shape of the dress is maintained by darts in the back.

with alice in wonderland fever all over the place, i started this one out as an alice dress; the blue fabric is reminiscent, and the delicate ricrac keeps it playful.  however, i ended up putting a very 50s style collar onto the dress.  the collar was a bit of a bind, i went through three iterations before getting one that looked good on the dress.  so, is this an alice dress or a jackie o dress?

the orange fabric will have a-lines made out of it, with 3/4 sleeves and a ruffle collar.  very exciting.  these will be on sale at euphoria in durban, and on etsy.


supa dooper dancing shoes

In what i wore today on 2 April, 2010 at 2:32 am

i got these lovely little pumps from mr price for the astronomical price of seventy buck, mostly because i love the way these shoes look with a shortish summer dress.  oh, all right, the real reason is that there’s a girl who hangs out at the club i work at, and she wears this look often, and i think she looks fabulous, and i want to look just like her.

anyway, i wore them out dancing this evening, to the decadance party at origin.  not only did i get to dance to billy idol and the fine young cannibals, but my shoes were perfect.  no nasty heels to fall over on, comfortable, perfect fit, classy (always important when you’re bouncing around a dancefloor), and did i mention they were seventy buck?  my feet feel like they’ve had a good dance, but not like they want to go on strike for the rest of the weekend.

wonderful times!