maternity wear

In clothing, maternity on 8 May, 2011 at 9:21 am

as mentioned a good while back, my good friend sam was pregnant. she had her baby, gorgeous giulio, just after christmas, but i managed to get a christmas dress to her on time. another friend, anja, my long suffering friend who has actually shared a house with me (gasp), was also pregnant, and gave birth to christiaan in late april. i thank anja for contributing another taurean to the world; there can never be enough of us.

all three of these were based on the same basic pattern; i altered the details and sleeves according to what season people were in. while these weren’t difficult at all, it was definitely a lesson in making sure the head opening was big enough to do away with the need for a zip; when you can’t see your toes, who has time to do up a zip? i think in my last post on this, i said i would put a zip in, but i think i changed my mind about that. the other lesson i’ve taken from this is to transfer the idea that two thirds of the waist girth is at the front, to making shirts for men who have something of a tummy.

the rose print dress is made from a stretch cotton poplin underneath, and a sheer jersey knit polyester overlay. the green shirt is made from a printed cotton; anja was wearing this in summer, hence the capped sleeves. all in all, a very successful project.


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