i’ve been a fat girl in a skinny world all my life, and at about 28, i got fed up with having to buy clothes that simply fitted my body, rather than fitted my sense of style.  so, i started to make clothes for myself.  invariably, the first ones didn’t fit, and there was so much about sewing that i just didn’t know about, like what understitching was.  i could have gone and asked someone, but why ask for help when you can just struggle along on your own?

in mid-2008, my then boyfriend gave me his late mother’s sewing machine (if you’re ever in warner beach and you need a tattoo, give him a visit, his work is incredible: jules briggs), which meant i no longer had to borrow.  after i designed and successfully made a fitted dress for my year end function last year, i decided that perhaps it was time to leave the nasty corporate world, and start up my own business.

there is not so much of a gap in the market in SA for beautiful clothes for bigger girls, as a gaping hole.  we have shops that cater specifically for larger ladies, but they cater for the corporate and slightly older market.  i’m looking to clothe 18 to 30 year olds in clothes that are as hip and cool as the clothes available for the skinny girls.  we should never have to exclaim: ‘what is this, because i’m fat i don’t get to look sexy????’

these young women have the same jobs, interests, problems, dreams and tastes as the skinny girls, but a shopping trip can turn into a very sad and frustrating event.  i want to change that, and i want to provide beautiful clothes to go with all those shoes and handbags that we’ve spent our money on instead of clothes.  there should never be a reason for frumpy clothing, and the last time i checked, fat bottomed girls did indeed make the rocking world go around.


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