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swing dress

In 14+, 50s clothing, clothing, dresses, kids on 5 May, 2011 at 9:42 am

i’m not sure where i got this idea, but it’s hardly surprising, considering that i love 50s clothing, and the idea of dancing the night away. i found all of the stretch netting very cheaply at a waste shop; the stretch poplin in plain white was a little harder to come by, so the netting lay patiently in wait for quite some time.

i learnt a few very good lessons in the making of this style:

  • bust and waist darts are a good idea for the under layer, but the top layer should be without them
  • with the black and beige dress, i should have sewn the two layers of fabric as one, so that the dark seams weren’t so visible
  • for a real swing look, the under layer should be made from fabric with a bit of weight to it – the black and beige dress just doesn’t hold its shape unless a petticoat is used

i was so excited in making this dress for my niece. i had kept the netting especially for her, and i measured her, and it was going to be so wonderful. and then i did something very silly. i waited about four months between measuring and making; she was 8 at the time, and growing at a significant rate. the whole thing ended in tears, as she loved the dress, but it didn’t fit. i was so disappointed in myself. but, we move on. my niece still loves me, and we’ve had a good chat about the whole thing, and i’m allowed to make things for her again.


outfit for ines

In clothing, kids on 13 May, 2010 at 1:11 pm

my friends have a very cute little girl, and they are super cool about me making dresses for her.  also, they don’t mind brighter colours that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  ines was also super cool about the making of this outfit, as she stood still for the measurements.  i took her measurements, and then referenced them against a comprehensive sizing chart that i found online – for her back and front waist measurements and sleeve length, three measurements i forgot to take.

the dress is made from da gama shweshwe, and i added 6cm seam allowance on the side and bottom seams – the dress can then be taken out as she grows.  ines lives with her parents in johannesburg, and i’m in durban, so it will be up to my mother to do the taking out.  in return, i will bake her a yummy chocolate cake.

the open shoulders with buttons makes for easy dressing and undressing, and i got to buy cute buttons.

the jacket really is as simple as pie, just made a bit bigger than the dress so that jerseys and other warming devices can be used.

i was amazed at how easy it was to make this little outfit, and less amazed at how much fun i had doing it.  as soon as i have a photo of the young lady in question, wearing the outfit, i will post it.