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12 may 2010

In 14+, what i wore today on 12 May, 2010 at 2:07 pm

i got the idea for this dress while falling asleep.  i had found the red dotted arnil very cheaply at my local trimmings shop, and had by kismet found a stretch white cotton very cheaply at my regular fabric shop.  talk about a happy co-incidence.  i wore my superdooperdancing shoes, as they are just my most favourite right now.  please excuse the bruise on my leg, it comes from my nearly two year old puppy bumping into me on the same spot three days apart.


supa dooper dancing shoes

In what i wore today on 2 April, 2010 at 2:32 am

i got these lovely little pumps from mr price for the astronomical price of seventy buck, mostly because i love the way these shoes look with a shortish summer dress.  oh, all right, the real reason is that there’s a girl who hangs out at the club i work at, and she wears this look often, and i think she looks fabulous, and i want to look just like her.

anyway, i wore them out dancing this evening, to the decadance party at origin.  not only did i get to dance to billy idol and the fine young cannibals, but my shoes were perfect.  no nasty heels to fall over on, comfortable, perfect fit, classy (always important when you’re bouncing around a dancefloor), and did i mention they were seventy buck?  my feet feel like they’ve had a good dance, but not like they want to go on strike for the rest of the weekend.

wonderful times!

whatiworetoday: 17 march 2010

In what i wore today on 18 March, 2010 at 11:17 pm

this is from yesterday 🙂

i managed to put together a completely locally made outfit yesterday for a beautiful summer’s day here in durban.

starting at the top, i made the alice band

earrings: bought from ‘cute as a button’ at the i ♥ market

necklace: bought from the guy around the corner from the woolies on davenport, on valentine’s day

dress: i made this myself from my own design, out of seed cloth which was locally manufactured.  the design is called betty, and is currently for sale in moss green cotton at the LDC – old eurphoria on davenport.