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dress in the works

In clothing on 6 August, 2009 at 9:28 am

lemon cream

the inspiration for this dress came from the work of my supremely talented friend and partner in crime, bronwen vaghan-evans (see www.kraftworks.wordpress.com).  for our monthly market, she started to make brooches, pendants and earrings from well known sweeties and biscuits.  she has a knack for turning every day things into something cool and wonderful.
my favourite biscuit is the lemon cream.  traditionally this would have been a lemon cream sandwiched between two plain sugar biscuits.  these days i think it’s just a lemony sugary mixture between two rather ordinary biscuits, but it still tastes great.
this dress is cut along traditional bustier lines, with a flared 50s skirt.  the hint of lemon is as subtle as the taste in the biscuit, including a lemon yellow zip at the back.  the biscuit is provided by the luxurious feel of biscuit-coloured satin.  the dress is lined to waist level.  pair it with your favourite pink shoes, and take it out dancing.

the piping detail is only along the two front panel seams, and the back center seam.  i’m still debating as to whether i should pipe along the top, and i’m tending towards yes.  i have a little time to mull it over.